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streamerpoke's Journal

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, ♥x infinity, 'making samosas', 'sheepyme?', *cuddle*, *snuggle*, aim, bah, bah-ing, being cuddled, being dorks, being fed, being pervy, being random, being sheep, being silly, being smug, being sweet, being watched by ducks, big anime eyes, bleating, bleating on the bus, bleats of pleasure, blueberry poptarts, bright eyes, cabbages&chocolate, chatspk, chocolate balls, cloud sheep, communicating through squeaks, cookie-y cookie&cookie ice cream, cucumber yogurt, cuddles, cuddling, curry, cuteness, dirtiness contests, dog sweaters, ducks, eeyore, emails, embankment tube station, emo quackettes, emo-ness, eskimo kisses, ewe, extended cuddles, ferrets, fifi the lamb, fleecy lambs, gay rainbow attack sheep, gender confused sheep, german bondage sheep, getting puns in first, giggling, gollum, götterlämmerung, harry potter, heart bah, hello kitty, holding hands, horizontal ears, hugging, hugs, hypnosis, i lessthanthree you, i love ewe, ice cream, immerse your soul inlove, japan, japanese vending machines, katie, kicking lamby ass, kthx, lamb, lambcuddles, lambert, lambinated porn, lambing, lambs, lambs swimming in armbands, lambtails, lamby ears, late night conversations, leetle mouselike squeaking, leicester square, london, looooooong emails, love, lube sheep, mind control, mint sauce cuddles, missyouwithahalo, mocking bad fanfiction, mr lambert woolley, msn, niall, niall&katie comment chains, nodding sheep, noodles, omg, ooh ja baa, open legs insert sheep, pamela, piglet, piglette, pigs on mopeds, pink lambs, plz, pocky, pringles, pushmeupagainstthewall, ram, random bleating, rolos, sheep, sheep with halos, sheeping, sheeping more, sheepy, shopping for cute things, singing mahna mahna together, skype[as a last resort], sneezing in hands, snoopydancing, snuggling, sparkly strawberry lip gloss, squeaking, squee, squeeing, streamerpoking, talking on the phone, text messages, the aim pimp face, the pocket-sized rough guide, tif, tokyo, tokyu hands, trafalgar square, trashy puppets, vicky pollard impressions, violating food, webcamming, wool, woolly sheep, xxx, yahoo, yogurt, you're cute;no you!, zippy's big red twanger